Laochra na gclub

This is a new feature of our website that will be periodically updated, at no set time, and with no time frame in mind. This new section will highlight the work done by individuals from within the club, who's work goes largely un-noticed by the players, fans and outsiders, but those who know the club, will recognise their efforts and know of their sterling and dedicated work to the cause that is, bettering Ballymun Kickhams. These tributes have sadly only been used to commemorate our members that have passed away, so to change the record a small bit, we are going to recognise the brilliant living members of the club!

To begin this new feature, we have to start with our newly crowned 'club person of the year', a real lady, Mrs Linda Parnell. They don't hand out that gong to just anybody, the recipient has without fail over the years, contributed above and beyond anything expected of a devoted club member, and Linda has surpassed that rank for years now. it was most suitably awarded to Linda at the race day last December 29th.

Linda comes from great stock (the Cleary family) where she grew up watching her brothers play for the club, so you can understand her willingness to immerse herself into our club's way of life. In fact, so much so, she married one of our finest footballers of all time, Kenny Parnell!!! Between Kenny playing for the junior B team, and their children Sean and Cian playing for the club, you'd think Linda would have enough on her plate. No. Not our Linda. Linda is often the first person from the committee that new families coming to the club meet, so it's no coincidence that our membership is growing year on year! She has overseen the rejuvenation and continues to run our merchandising section, the fruits of which can be seen around the locality, with children in club uniforms and sporting club colours. That in itself is the best advertisement you can have. That would be a full time job for most people. But again, not our Linda. She also is our registrar and membership officer. Now anybody involved in any club, understands the frustrations and pain of being in charge of memberships. It's an awful task, yet despite being firm with the rules, Linda always has that infectious smile on her face and always treats the masses with a fair mind and always as a lady.

Whenever there is a event or fundraiser in the club, she is always the first hand raised to lend support. The amazing surprise our returning cyclists got 3 years ago? Linda's fingerprints were all over that. The clubhouse and grounds clean ups? Yep, that was Linda! Even in the Oscarz? Linda was one of the nuns in Sister Act. If ever there was an unseen hero in the club, it's this girl. A heart of gold, that pumps red and green blood around her body, Linda has made our brilliant little club even greater.

To summarise this tribute to Linda, it's most fitting to say this. Over the decades, we've witnessed great people, on and off the pitches. Some come and go, but the true greats hang around and strive harder and harder to make this wee club of ours bigger, better and stronger. Linda is one of those greats and we are and will be indebted to her for years to come. And long may it continue. Take a bow Linda!

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